Friday, September 30, 2011

A Garden of Friends

Its another beautiful Fall evening, the sun is making its last day view, and it's just the moment to hear what is has to say...

There is nothing more dear then the bond and love between sisters

Friday, September 9, 2011

One year and counting!

August 14th was the beginning of another great year, a year learning about the love that so consumes and feels my heart with laughter.
Most of our day's are made up of laughing, and eating! We both enjoying cooking, so thus we both love to be served:) This is us a the cheese cake factory in Cleveland Ohio.
For our first year we went and bought a live lobster. We were so excited to try and cook the little guy. I don't think there is a dinner that can top this, in memory or fun. Also I came home from work and Nate bought me the red bistro table:) In love all over again. hehe.
 Me and our new friend Fred:) We massaged his little head to calm him down before we boiled him to He never made a sound. Grin. He tasted so sweet. We had stuffed mushrooms, stake and corn along with a butter garlic sauce... AMAZING!
                                          I feel like a very evil cook right now:)
The month of august was our honeymoon week, we traveled, took road trips, went to the beach and of course did nothing but eat lots of fun food:)  It was the perfect start for the new year and a nice break before Nate had to be back for school.
A little love goes along way, a smile shared turns to laughter, a little laughter turns to days spent in joy rather then tears, and the heart always remembers why it first loved..
   Nate and I at chipotle, before our date down by the river. We do date night every week. Its something I always look forward too. Sometimes he will just show up after work(10pm) and we will hit the town. I love not knowing what comes next in life, and though his love is always steady, what comes next you'll never know:)
Nate and I on the Ohio River, we took a boat ride across the river to a Island, we spent the day on the island, rested in the shade and had a picnic with his mom and sister. The fun part of the day was the captain made me drive the boat down the river and dock I just wanted to enjoy the time with nate and feel all romantic..hehe. It was fun all the same.

Driving the boat, while the captain gave the tour, everyone thought I was having such a good time and so I had too drive the whole time. lol!! It was so funny! Nate was nice enough to let the captain know I wouldn't be driving on the way back. I love my husband.

 When I think "romantic" this is just what I thought of! LoL! I laugh every time. Memories never end!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to Frankenmuth

Last week  some of us ladies decided to hit the road and head out of town. We landed on the little shores of Frankenmuth. A small town started in 1845 by missionary's from  the Province of Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria,Germany. The town then brought other German family's to the area and many towns in the area have German origins as well.  The small German town continues to delight thousands of people throughout the year and bring us a little taste of the past. 

                      You can go down the river on the old Canal boat

 Sheri and Jen were my crazy partners on the grand journey:) We decided to throw all rules out the window and headed straight for the chocolate shop! Being I have been off sugar for almost 2 weeks I was quite thrilled to just fill my coffers with lots of delicious jams and jelly's.
Before we could step past the threshold of heaven, we were greeted by the door keeper who had free deliciousness. He was on the disturbing side, but we must not judge when free goodies are Wow that sounds like sound advice, " children even if a man is scary, don't judge if he has free candies,!! lol. What a great mom I'll make. 

Jen found the peanut butter first!! And was quite happy not to eat the rest of the day, but to munch on her peanut butter, chocolate cup.
I on the other hand wanted to choose wisely, and have as much, but little cost as possible to my diet. So I got one sugar free piece, I thought I chocked on mud!!! I had a chocolate covered pretzel and a lovely little guy called a " Hay stake," I am a great lover of coconut. Grin. Yummmo! So as I have learned well from my grandpa Lonnie, With any rich and sweet dessert, you must have a well made coffee. So we were off to the coffee shop.

I got a lovely guy named Breve, and was thrillled by the rich and deep tones of is thoffy voice. lol. Jen, went for the sweet and creamy Caramel Macchiato, and Sheri, a hot, rich chocolate, never enough chocolate:)

                                                 My little friend, Breve.

From there we walked from shop to shop, talking and enjoying the day. We found a "Everything" old time store. It had the old metal signs. It made me think of my grandpas garage, the wall on the back, with old signs.
I liked this one, for I was starting to feel the affects of all the coffee and My stomach hates me!!
So within the next couple of minutes, my poor chocolate and coffee was gone and I was back to no
However along the way I found this little guy:)

 We then went underground, to the shops beneath the streets. It was cold! lol. I hate being cold, and I didn't have Nate there to still a little warmth. Hehe.
             But then I found these little ladies and they made it much better. Aren't they cute:) lol.
We came back to the light and decided it was time to get something to eat, the ladies had only been here so I suggested we try the place across the street.

We sat down, poor sheri, I had to take a picture before she looked at the menu, and if I had just taken one after the fact. LOL. We opened it up and the prices! $19.50 for lunch!! lol. I don't think my husband will let me leave town often. hahah. So we talked to the host and they told us they had a nice cafe down stairs if we would like to go there, we were very pleased and enjoyed their menu down below. lol.
      We then walked to the shops across the bridge to find pop corn for Jen, and we came across a cool music store with some rad glasses. Grin.
I just felt so fee and alive!! lol. It was a wonderful day with some fun ladies. We will have to do it again soon, however I will eat a little less chocolate next time. Grin. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finding New Places

Today was my "Girl Day," My sweet husband told me to take sometime, go to the spa and just have a girls day for me:) I was thrilled. I went to bed and started my morning early! 830am, jumped  out of bed and headed to meet a dear and old friend for coffee. After a little muffin, Coffee and sweet chatting I came home, worked out, changed and headed to historic Maumee and Perrysburge Ohio.
I found myself browsing among the Cutest little shops. I came to a Antique Shop and ran in, It was the right timing for I was stuck in there for almost an hour, which was wonderful, hiding out from the down pore. As soon as I walked in the door, this little guy said hi. I thought he was so cute... and that as a massage therapist his little neck will be quite sore. lol.
I loved this table and the way they arranged it. I have really enjoyed walking around. They had so many pots and plants and in the back of the store it was a antique shop. It was a perfect set up of the old and new.

Little Topiary trees in dark pots give such a nice contrast in the white washed  room. I am really looking forward to when I can start decorating my own house.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Health and Beauty...Restoring your mind, in a world of confusion, restoring your body to the temple you were called to be, restoring your soul to His likeness

Welcome to Health and beauty... A moment to rest your mind, revive your body and nourish your soul. As woman we are chosen to be many great things, and one of the things we miss out on in our hectic lives is being God's Garden, a place of beauty, rest and enjoyment for ourselves and our husbands. When we were called to be our husband's dearest and closest confidant, friend, help mate and the lover of his soul, we were also called to be a quiet place,a haven in the world he fights each day, a place in his heart where he finds peace. We are his Garden. A place set aside from everything else.

In Song of Solomon, We are called Gardens, a place where are beloved comes, a place where his soul is revived. It speaks of our words being sweet as honeycomb, our lives being a well spring of living waters.
In chapter 4:9 it says " You have ravished my heart, and given me courage.."

So I encourage you this week, to step away, find a quite place, turn on soft music, take a walk, read your bible, settle your mind down and restore what may have been lost to you this week or the past couple days.
Being a massage therapist, each time I start a massage I mentally quiet my mind, I stop everything that is going on and focus on the needs of the person who has come to me, that being said, do the same for yourself. Shut all out, open to God and let your moment began.
  For us to be a Garden to our husbands, loved ones or people we meet throughout the day, we must first have that within ourselves.Beauty come from within, but it also works its way to the way we look, and feel about ourselves.  So ladies here is some homemade, simple and natural ways to help you relax and enjoy the day.
              Spa treatments from woman around the world.

  1. Greece: Exfoliate with a mixture of 3-4 tablespoons olive oil and 1/4 cup sugar. Massage over skin in a circular motion.
  2. Poland: Apply honey to face as an intense moisturizer. Honey hydrates and helps protect skin from UV damage. 
  3. Chile: Draw out toxin and stimulate circulation in the skin with a grape mask. Combine a handful of smashed grapes with a teaspoon of flour to form a paste. Pat onto face and let sit 20 minutes;rinse. 

I Pray your day is one of health, life and fullness. May your week be blessed with Gods love, for he brings life to our soul and health to our bones. See you next week for more health and beauty.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angels Lost In a City

 I walked among the gardens of the earth and non to thee could compare
you are the angel among the flowers
                                        The sweet scent in the crisp, fresh air.
I walked the paths, the shadowed glades, among the rivers and hidden ways

 I wondered long in to the night but upon the flowers you still shed light
I wondered if I may get lost, yet among the flowers you stood,like a hill with a cross

Gardens in a Concrete Jungle

 I laid my head upon the earth, the tears did not restrain, for in the moment they came forth, the flowers burst like morning rain.